Aerodynamics: Means to Finding a New World

Aerodynamics has paved the way to find a new world. According to scientist, our naked eye can only see 4 % of the universe. Because of the aerodynamics, brilliant people rose up to see another planets. It is because they have to show to the world what is beyond this small planet earth. It is shown that the earth is just a speck of dust in the universe. It was found out that the earth is the only planet where life can exist. All thanks to the works of science.

In reality, the study of aircraft began because of the creatures that we see. Animals like dragonfly can fly at a speed of 36 miles per hour, mosquitoes can flap their wings 600 times per second, were the basis of creating an engine-bird having tons of weight. The Wright brothers did an amazing job creating the first Airplane ever took its flight. To create an airplane, there are more than 300,000 that are needed to be assembled to make it fly in the space.

Plane was developed to carry people on the air but soon rocket was developed to carry people to the space. Like these, with the amazing work of Aerodynamics, people can find another world. Although scientists say that there is another world out there beyond our imagination, sad to say, we can not reach the place because we are bound to stay on this earth. Still, we can fly on the air and go to another place through aircraft.