The 10 Deadliest and Despairing Air Crashes in Portugal

Human life is short, sometimes we really cannot avoid tragedy as we do not know when our life will be taken from us. Among the saddest and deadliest tragedy that ever happened to mankind is a plane crash. In the country of Portugal, there is also deadliest air crash that caused the death of many. The deadliest air crash that ever happened in Portugal is the Independent Air Flight 1851 that happened on the 8th of February 1989 that causes the death of 144 passengers.

This plane is having its route from Santa Maria to Punta Cana but due to the topographical error, the plane crash in Pico Alto, Santa Maria Island, Azores. The second deadliest air crash in Portugal is the TAP Portugal Flight 425 dated in the year 1977, 19th of November that killed a life of 131 peoples. It took its route from Brussels going to Lisbon to Madeira Airport where it met the accident into the Madeira Airport due to a runway overrun. And to help fixed in everything for expense, this accounting firm will help you. Check it more here This is absolutely a great accounting industry.

The Venezuelan Air Force Flight FAV772 is also one of the deadliest air crash that happened in Portugal way back 1976. This plane took its route from Caracas, Bermuda, Lajes to Barcelona supposedly but unfortunately it met the accident near Terceira-Lajes Airport, the Azores that killed the life of 68 people. The Viasa Flight 897 is also one of the deadliest air crash that happened in the Lisbon Airport itself. This happened when the plane took off Lisbon airport and the plane loses its control with an unknown reason.