Future Use of Airplanes: Danger?

When we see the news on the internet or on tv, we see very dangerous news that could make us tremble. Here and there, we see hear that military airplanes are floating in the atmosphere due to the sign of war that is almost going to break out. North Korea says they are going to make South Korea a sea of fire. USA says that they are going to make North Korea a sea of fire. Anywhere, we hear news about war. What do military use during the war?

Do they not use military airplanes or jetplanes? Is it possible that their will be WW III? Perhaps! We might witness airplanes dumping bombs and firing seas and lands. Well, these things are just natural in this age. It is time when the trumpet of war is about to sound. What will happen when this time comes? Of course, all people will be in danger. We will soon see hundreds of airplanes on flying to fire other nations and places.

The United Nations cannot also do anything for this because almost all nations are getting ready for the upcoming war. It is assumed that when all these things begin to take place, no one could remain. Even scientists predict this disaster that will soon take place. Perhaps, aerodynamics was not only developed for going overseas but also for war. What is amazing is that people enjoyed using airplanes before it will be used in dangerous purposes. Thanks to Aerodynamics.