The 7 myths about the world of aviation you still believe

Among many forms of transportation, the air transportation is known to be the safest form of traveling despite the accidents. According to estimation, at any minute of the day, there are 350 thousand people who choose to travel via plane to their desired destination. It is also said that the death rate of air transportation is 0.003 fatalities in a 100 million miles. People make speculations that the air inside the plane is not clean and is full of germs and microorganisms.

Because the air is recirculating but as a matter of fact, airplanes do have quality air filters that captured between 94% to 99.9% of airborne microbes same as that of the hospital air filters so we can say that the air circulating on an airplane is totally clean. On an airplane, the average pilot who is in control for the flight is two supposed that the other pilot is tired then someone would take in charge. And you must have a perfect beauty care, site over here.  In the word of aviation, the Antonov An -225 is ranked to be the largest aircraft on the earth.

It is powered by six turbofan engines and can transport a payload of up to 240 tons. This aircraft is technically exceptional that received 240 aviation world record and dozens of Guinness Records. The contrails or the white trails in the sky left behind by airplanes are mainly made of water vapor. See more info over here 醫美診所.On an airplane, they often served drinks because according to many, the passengers taste better in the air than on the ground.