The 10 misconceptions and speculations on taking flights

In my younger years, one of the things I want to do and experience is to ride on an airplane. I am very much afraid of heights and flying as well that I heard that the only way to overcome it is to face it. Well I guess not only me but many are afraid of flying, some even choose to ride on boat, ship or train not wanting to get a flight. One of the reasons why many are afraid of taking flights is because the percentage of survival in a plane crash is less despite all the safety protocols and double checks.

There are even incidences wherein there are survivors in a plane crash that turned out to be bed ridden or lost. If you die on the plane, it is more likely you die on a heart attack or choking on your food falling in the sky.  Some passengers think that the air circulated inside the plane is full of germs. When you travel, ask for this company’s service this site 泰雅旅遊. The germs and diseases are circulating all over the cabin that is why some passengers caught up disease during the trip.

In the airplane, the oxygen mask fall from the ceiling for emergency response and some passengers says that the air from the oxygen mask does nothing and just calm the passenger. Some people also said that some Pilots in the airplane are just an apprentices and get their china visa. It is also believed that tiny hole inside the plane can cause everyone to be sucked out taking you on the outside.