Getting to Know the Lisbon Airport: Entry and Exit Processes

The Lisbon Airport in Portugal or as Lisbon Portela Airport serves as the main gate or the International gateway to enter the country of Portugal. The Lisbon Airport is also known as one of the largest and finest airports in the Southern part of Europe that is supplied to satisfy the passenger’s demand as for safety and comfort. Like other airports, Lisbon Airport also aims to provide the best service they could offer to their passengers to the maximum level of their satisfaction.

Same with other airports, the Lisbon Airport has its own restaurants, coffee shops, meeting rooms, luggage services and many more services for the passengers to stay comfortable inside the airport while waiting for their flights. The Lisbon Airport has situated 7 km in the Northern part of the Lisbon capital. This perfect location makes it very easy for the foreigners and tourists to find a place of accommodation in the city. In the early times, the Lisbon Airport was first opened during the World War II that was on the 5th of October year 1942 for the Allied Forces and Axis purposes. See this best designing home company. You go over here for more. This is best.

Nowadays, the perfect location of the airport opened the way for other Airports not only in Portugal but also in the entire Europe. For the year 2016, the Lisbon Airport served 22.4 million passengers and it is also said that by that same year, this airport can carry thousand amount of tons of cargo and leading in serving 121 destination in Europe with airlines numbering 47.