Going to another nation or place is something that the early civilization could never imagine. However, around 600 BC, Isaiah wrote that people will fly like clouds and doves. This means that there was already a perception that people someday will fly on the air like doves. Thinking about this, how amazing was it that the vision was clearly being fulfilled before our very eyes. Flight is something that people hardly think of how they can be able to do that. As civilizations have passed by and we have reached the future already, we can think that everything is possible in this age when people can solve their problems. Now many people are doing their best to travel around the world. Although tehy do not land on every nation, they can have an idea of how the world is like by just seeing through below the airplane and see the amazing views of the nations.

Thanks to the development of technology. Without these, we could have never gone to another place and traveled all over the world. In the past, people could travel by using a boat or simply a floating wood. But now, we can travel by air also. What is unfortunate is that people try to travel and fly through many equipment that they can use. However we can never fly by our own body. This is very impossible. No mater how hard people will try to make our body fly, we can never do it permanently. Of course it can be done if and only if the gravitational pull vanishes on earth. If these things happen, we will fly into empty space but will die there.